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Our Range - CROCKERY

Elegant Cup

We offer two distinct ranges of crockery, Olympia Classic White, plain white porcelain with classic shapes and Churchill Alchemy, exquisite fine bone china which perfects the setting of any mood or occasion.

Crockery is provided to you hygienically wrapped and in plastic boxes ready for your immediate use. When you have finished using the crockery, simply place it back in the box ready for collection.

If you would like to sample any of these items before placing an order, please just ask.

Classic White

  • Wide Rim Side Plate 6”
  • Wide Rim Dessert Plate 8”
  • Wide Rim Dinner Plate 10”
  • Wide Rim Large Dinner Plate 12”
  • Rectangular Plate 10”
  • Wide Rim Pasta Plate 12”
  • Oatmeal Dessert Bowl 6”
  • Wide Rim Soup Bowl 9”
  • Stacking Tea Cup 7oz
  • Saucer 6” (for above)
  • Espresso Cup and Saucer 3oz
  • Elegant Tea Cup 8oz
  • Saucer 6” (for above)

Service Items

  • Tea/Coffee Pot 36oz
  • Milk/Cream Jug 8oz
  • Milk/Cream Jug 11oz
  • Sugar Bowl 3.5oz
  • Gravy/Sauce Boat 7oz
  • Gravy/Sauce Boat 12oz
  • Salad Bowl 9” Fluted Glass
  • Glass Dessert Dish 14.4oz
  • Butter Pad
  • Ramekin Dish 2.75”
  • Ramekin Dish 3.5”
  • Oval Eared Vegetable Dish 10” x 5”
  • Vegetable/Casserole Dish with Lid (Large and Small)
  • Oval Sole Dish 13”

Churchill Alchemy

  • Wide Rim Plate 6”
  • Wide Rim Plate 10”
  • Wide Rim Plate 11.75”

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