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Pure Wine

Whatever your event, we have a glass to suit. We currently offer two ranges of glassware, Imperial, a good quality range with a classic shape, versatile for any occasion and the beautiful Schott Zwiesel Pure, styled with a striking, angular aesthetic, this series is designed to make an impact.

All our glassware is securely packed in hygienic lightweight plastic boxes for easy storage and transportation, ready for your immediate use. If you would like to sample any of these items before placing an order, please just ask.


  • Boston Shot Glass 2oz
  • Imperial Port Glass 4oz
  • Highball Glass 6oz
  • Highball Glass 10oz
  • Pimms Glass 12oz
  • Nonic Pint 20oz
  • Imperial Wine Glass 9oz
  • Imperial Wine Glass 12oz
  • Imperial Champagne Flute 7oz
  • Cocktail/Martini Glass 10oz
  • Wine Carafe 1 Litre
  • Water Jug 1.25 Litre
  • Classique Pimms Jug 1.3 Litre
  • Tall Sundae Glass 9.3oz


  • White Wine Glass 10oz
  • Red Wine Glass 14oz
  • Champagne Flute 7oz
  • Crystal Water/Whiskey Tumbler 10oz
  • Highball Tumbler 10oz
  • Champagne Saucer 7oz

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